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Finding Auto Shippers in Georgia can be a tricky process if you don’t have the right information. Its starts with the quoting process which in most cases starts off by the customer hitting a lead site. Once you do that the calls and emails follow. Once you start to answer then you’re given rates that don’t usually get your vehicle shipped. So if you’ve started like this you’ll know what we’re trying to get across to you.

If you found this site most of the time its because someone failed to help ship your vehicle. If that’s the case we hope you didn’t give them your deposit information because that’s a whole other part of the going with the wrong company bit. If this story sounds like you we can help.

When auto transport is done with the right broker/carrier combination its usually a smooth process. Not as smooth as say FedEx, USPS or UPS because the size of the truck/trailers needed for auto transport. We’ve been shipping cars since 2007 and we get our rates directly from approved drivers. What this does is it gets you priority placement and overall better service. When drivers don’t get the necessary funds to move vehicles it will cause delays and cancellations. What we mean by this is when a driver books a vehicle for transport at a lower cost they’re always looking for better paying loads. So if they find one they will then go to the lowest paying vehicle they booked and cancel to get paid better.  Its not the right way to do it but some brokers don’t know this and or don’t understand it but it would be you the customer that will have this issue to deal with now.

At Atlanta auto transport we avoid issues like this because we work with only the best drivers and competitively price our vehicles as low as possible to get you on the best trucks. When it comes to auto transport you’ve found the experts and we know how to get it done right. If you have any questions about auto transport give us a call. Thanks

We can also help with car buying and other related things because of our contacts from auto transport. Thanks again

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Jeep Wrangler Shipped with Atlanta Auto Shipping

Hello again

Do you need Jeep wrangler shipping? We ship many vehicles in and out of the Atlanta, GA area and many are Jeep’s. This Jeep was a bit tricky because of the mods. When you change the vehicles stock parts with aftermarket parts sometimes it makes it difficult to ship or plan a trip with a driver because of height. In this case the Jeep below was lifted and had larger tires making some drivers pass up on it right away. Also note that most companies don’t do many of these Jeeps so the initial quote will be off. Its around 25% more to ship a modded Jeep compared to a factory Jeep within 1200 miles or so.

Jeep Wrangler Shipping 2 Jeep Wrangler Shipping

Auto Transport to Atlanta | Atlanta Auto Shipping Company

Are you thinking about Auto Transport to Atlanta? We can help!!

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We want to make your auto transport experience as easy and transparent as possible. So, in general, here is what you can expect from us through the process.

The Quote:
Our goal is to get you the lowest rate we possibly can while ensuring that your car is going to be able to be moved efficiently. There are a number of factors however that will affect the amount you are quoted. These include market conditions, the location of your vehicle and the time frame you would like it delivered in.

The Auto Transport:
We want to move your vehicle as close to the time frame that is convenient for you as possible. However, there are a number of different factors that determine this as well, mainly your geographical location. Shipments from a large city to a large city are easier to move than shipments to and from rural locales and they can generally be moved cheaper as well. The reason for this is simple, there are just more carriers that operate in and around large cities.

When it comes time for your vehicle to be picked up, the driver will call the shipping representative ahead of time to be sure that you are prepared for him. The driver will do a quick inspection of your vehicle and have some paperwork for the shipper to sign as he takes possession of the vehicle. Once he picks the vehicle we ask that you make your deposit to us. Some orders don’t require deposits . We’ll cover more about the payment below.

At any point during the time of your vehicle’s transport, should you have any questions, we have customer service representatives by the phone ready to answer any questions you may have about your vehicle’s status. Rest assured however, that we use only the highest rated carriers and we ensure that they’re licensed, insured, and bonded.

When your vehicle gets close to reaching the destination, the driver will call the receiving party to ensure a time that fits into their schedule. Once a time has been set up and the vehicle reaches the destination, the driver will unload it off the truck and do another inspection with the receiving party to check for any damage that may have happened in transit. It is at this point that you pay the driver for their services.

The Payment:
Many carriers will force you to pay a deposit up front before your car is even moved and they’ll keep it even if they can’t move your vehicle at the price they originally quoted you. We never charge your deposit until after your vehicle is picked up. We are set up to take your payment in an assortment of ways which are convenient to you, including: Cash, Credit or Debit Card, Money Order and Invoicing for Major Dealerships .

Most of the time the payments to the carrier are made once the car is delivered. It’s a good idea to know the payment methods that the carrier accepts in advance as the may vary from carrier to carrier. So when you speak to the driver be sure to ask him which methods of payment his company accepts.

Any Issues:
The vast majority of vehicle transports go on without any problems. However, should you have any issues or concerns about your auto transport we are standing by to help you resolve them. So please if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.


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Auto Shipping Quote

Looking for a rate on your auto, boat or trailer shipment? By filling out our online quote form you will receive an email with a price and instructions on how to place your order. All our shipping quotes are door to door and 100% insured. At Atlanta Auto Shipping we will look at your route and find the best carrier. When you fill out a quote form it will be processed by a transport specialist not a computer so give it some time to come back to you. The price we send to you will be our basic quote and the cheapest way to ship your vehicle. We only work with the best carriers and will make your transport easy.

All shipping routes are different so if your looking to get more information on your shipping route visit Auto Shipping HUB and click on the route tab. Hope to hear from you good luck with your move.

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About Us

Atlanta Auto Shipping is a local auto, boat & trailer shipping company. We have years in the transport industry with a 0% charge back rating with our merchant service provider. We have a 5 star rating on all major Auto Transport Reviewing websites.

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Welcome to Atlanta Auto Shipping

At Atlanta Auto Shipping you’ll receive honesty, options, price, and the best customer support in the business. We are a business that prides itself on service and building customer relationships. Our professional transport specialists will answer your questions and you will always have a live person to talk to while your auto is in transit. A large part of our business is from referrals and repeat customers. Visit the Auto Shipping HUB for route information and please fill out a quote form before you call so everyone can be on the same page.

Honesty and customer satisfaction are most important to us. We will not do false advertising or make claims that are untrue to mislead any potential customer. If you ask for a quote, it is handled by one of our trained transport specialists, not a computer. We compare rates to make sure that we quote a rate that will move your vehicle on time. Over the past few years we have built a strong bond with the best carriers.

Call Atlanta Auto Shipping for all your transport needs (404) 585-7683. Or Click Here for free quote!!!

Door to door Auto Transport

At Atlanta Auto Shipping all transports are door to door nationwide. There is no extra charge for this service. It’s the safest, fastest, and most convenient way to ship a vehicle. A door to door transport is when the transport truck will come to your designated pickup location to receive your vehicle. Repeat this process for delivery location. No terminals, no worries, and no waiting. All door to door auto, boat and trailer shipments are 100% insured. In the Auto Transport industry its very important to do some research on the companies your receiving quotes and information from.

Open & Enclosed Auto Carriers

With Atlanta Auto Shipping you have options to ship your vehicle any way you want. Open transports are the most affordable way to ship your vehicle however they are not for every vehicle type. Open car carriers or open trailer transports can take more vehicles, they can transport larger vehicles, and they hold less insurance therefore open carriers can charge less per vehicle. Enclosed car carriers can’t carry as many vehicles but they offer more insurance, and they are less likely to have any damage caused by rocks or any flying objects. The enclosed transport usually costs about 50% more money when compared to an open auto transport.

Carrier Types

There are a few different carrier types such as wedge, 7-8 car and for the long hauls 10-11 car carriers. Wedge trailers are used for hauls up to 900 miles.

Licensed and Bonded

You’re safe with Atlanta Auto Shipping powered by Patriot Auto Carriers, LLC. We have everything you need to get the job done right. Our staff will put you first and give you the right information to make you happy. This website is owned and managed by Patriot Auto Carriers, LLC. We will not sell your information you will deal directly with our employees.

Dealer to Dealer Auto Transport

When dealers trade they use Atlanta Auto Shipping. We have the best dealer exchange rates in the industry. If you’re a dealer you need to try Atlanta Auto Shipping powered by Patriot Auto Carriers, LLC. Call for more information and as always your satisfaction is guaranteed.Check out our new article on auction vehicle transport. We also offer free advertising for dealers regardless if you ship with us or not. We enjoy building customer relationships and will provide your business as much exposure as possible. We also offer link exchange to other business.

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