Auto Shipping Process

At Atlanta Auto Shipping, the process of shipping is crystal clear. Make up your mind to get your vehicle(s) shipped from us and approach to us. Following is the process which will take place from beginning to the end.

Request for a Free Quote

The entire process is very easy and hassle free. Visit our website and fill out the online form available there and send to us. Your request will be answered in one business day normally, but our enthusiastic and efficient team tries their level best to respond you more quickly.

The quotation sent to you is the final price and contains no extra or hidden charges at all. If you want instant quote, just call us and you will be offered the accurate rates on the phone.

Make Decision on the Quote

If our quotes fit your budget (as normally they do fit to all customers’ budget because we always offer much economical rates in the market), make your decision for working with us and contact us back. You may compare our rates with the others in the market and we are damn sure that we will certainly lead with more affordable costs. You can contact us either through phone or email. Once you do, our expert and most courteous team will then discuss about your ideal pick up as well as delivery dates and your preferred or designated locations. Atlanta Auto Shipping’s team is fast in processing and for a good customer service, you will witness it by yourself.

Receiving the Contract and Forms

You will then receive a contract along with a couple of form to fill in to start processing the order.

Return Us Completed and Signed Forms and Contract

After completing the forms and signing the contract, return them to us. Since you have now become our client, we now will take the entire responsibility to make it sure that your vehicle arrives at the delivery location safely and timely.

Shipping Strategy to Be Followed by Us

We follow a defined and carefully made shipping strategy that involves the best carriers in town who will follow your preferred route and specified requirements. These carriers are selected on triple criteria –

1) Their standard of communication
2) Their ability and swiftness in picking up and delivering the vehicles in time
3) Their historical background of shipping the vehicles without any kind of damages to the cars.

We have a system installed that carries the records through which the carriers are evaluated accurately. After screening, the best carrier is offered to you for your vehicle’s transportation. No false claims are made here. Thus whatever we claim, we fulfill.

Get an Initial Call with Suitable Pick-Up Date

Once the carrier is done, our team will contact you to confirm the date of pick up. We will then be in constant touch with the carrier throughout the shipping process (prior to the pick-up day till after the delivery of the shipment).

Get Call for Pick-Up

Next you will get a call from our dispatch department or from the driver a day before the pick-up to make it confirmed that you are fully prepared for the vehicle’s pick-up.

Your Presence or An Authorized Person’s Presence at Time of Pick-Up

You or someone authorized must be there when our team will come for your vehicle’s pick-up. You have to make it sure that your car’s condition should be accurately recorded on Bill of Lading. On this process, it will generally take 15-20 minutes. Your vehicle will now be picked-up.

Get Call for Your Vehicle’s Delivery

Get ready to receive a call from the driver or the dispatch for your vehicle’s delivery a day before. This will endow you with a time to make arrangements or you can be present there to receive your auto.

Delivery of Your Vehicle

By the time of delivery, you or anyone whom you have authorized has to be present there to receive the vehicle. Upon receiving, very carefully inspect your auto and if you find any damages, do note them and inform us. If you take pictures, it would be great.

Thank You Note

It is not a step rather it is an optional thing if you like to write a thank you note for us. Let us hear your story about your vehicle’s shipping. Share your valuable views about your experience with us.

Are you ready to ship your vehicle? Call us:

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