Atlanta to South Florida Daily

Welcome to Atlanta Auto Shipping. We hope you found this page with interests in shipping a vehicle quickly to South Florida. We ship this route daily and usually take the route listed on the map. Taking 75 South through Orlando with our final stop in Miami. We ship this route daily so if booked early enough we can reserve your spot.

This is a common route for most carriers but with office locations out of both Atlanta and Miami we know how to do it best. We use 4 car haulers usually so the turnaround time is 36-48 hours from the time you book. Other companies sometimes don’t even load your vehicle in that time frame.

This type of turnaround is for most times of the year. Sometimes it gets really busy and takes a tad longer. It really just depends on the season. Dealers are always shipping this route so that stays steady, so when the the winter comes around and more vehicles are shipping south it drives costs up and times take a bit longer to find trailer space. We’ll do our best to inform you of how busy it is at booking so you’re aware from the jump.

We hope to help you with auto transport nationwide but this route is a good one for us. The major cities on this route are as follows Atlanta, Macon, Gainesville, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale & Miami. We also ship to surrounding areas. Thanks for stopping by Atlanta Auto Shipping