Nationwide Fuel Rates

This is effecting auto transport costs nationwide. If you can hold off shipping until these prices come down you'll save some $$$$   NATIONAL¬†AVERAGE GAS PRICES Regular Mid-Grade Premium Diesel E85 Current Avg. $2.968 $3.248 $3.497 $3.212 $2.471 Yesterday Avg. $2.970 $3.250 $3.497 $3.213 $2.471 Week Ago Avg. $2.932 $3.209 $3.457 $3.188 $2.450 Month Ago Avg. $2.808 $3.083 $3.328 $3.063 $2.345 Year Ago Avg. $2.371 $2.652 $2.895 $2.513 $2.063 We found this information on the website link below. Thanks
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Happy May 1ST

We hope you have a good week! As always if you need info on auto shipping nationwide we can help!!
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Auto Shipping Georgia Emissions

Hello Georgia Emissions Customers!! Maybe other states as well but we're in GA so we'll start here. It all started 8 years after being in business so there might not be a market for this but we'll try to give you some advise anyway. First of hopefully you don't need to do this because it will cost you to bring a car back to GA from your respected state to have your emissions checked. Then you'll most likely need to ship it back but if not we can help you get it back for the yearly checkup. So this particular "Emissions Auto Shipping" move started with a call from a marketing agency requesting info on moving some of their vehicles back from Dallas, Chicago, Orlando and Tampa. This move is…
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