Welcome to a page created for helping Insurance providers locate a transport company in the Atlanta area. We work with many already but we can always help more.

Insurance companies need our services to move many different types of transports. For instance, if your vehicle is stolen and driven to another state or if you’re on a trip and your vehicle breaks down. They sometimes even help you unrelated to insurance like buying a new car. Maybe this isn’t common but some of the local Atlanta based insurance providers we work with do. Companies we work with are going to be located below but we work with any and all.







All of our insurance companies auto transports are 100% insured and we invoice so you don’t need to worry about the customer paying the charges out of pocket. We handle everything for you and your customer/insured. We’ve been around since 2007 and operate nationwide so have you covered.

Insurance companies we work with near Atlanta, GA:

Allstate Insurance Company
P.O. Box  675019
Marietta, GA  30006

Farmers Insurance
Atlanta, GA

State Farm Insurance
Atlanta, GA

Progressive Insurance
Atlanta, GA


Out of State:

Progressive Insurance
Dallas, TX


Insurance Companies Page for Atlanta Auto Shipping (678) 666-1399