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When you’re calling companies looking for auto transport quotes, the best thing to remember is most companies are just trying to get your foot in the door. They will tell you what you want to hear, they will quote you a price that most likely will not get your vehicle moved.

Then they’ll reach out to you and then tell you they need to adjust the rate. Which is usually right around our quoted rate because we get our rates directly from the drivers.

Make sure you do your homework when receiving quotes from auto shipping companies.

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free_auto_transport_quote_buttonA good rule of thumb is if you receive five quotes from five different companies you can forget about the three lowest quotes. Most of the time the three companies with the lower quotes will need to raise the rate above the original quoted rates from the top two companies.

This is because now that you have waited a few days with no movement on your transport, To get the car shipped you will have to be put ahead of the other customers that just placed an order at the regular rate.

The top two quoted prices usually will come from companies who understand what the drivers need to move a vehicle. They will also understand the importance of pairing you with a driver who will take good care of your vehicle. With that being said, a reputable and dependable company will continue to work with those same drivers and keep the price as low as possible without sacrificing convenience and customer satisfaction.

So, don’t delete those emails from the companies with higher quotes, our quote will most likely be in there. We hope you use Atlanta Auto Shipping call today at 678-666-1399

We hope that this page will be a helpful tool for you when choosing an auto transport company.

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