Atlanta College Auto Shipping

First off Congratulations on graduating!!!! It’s a huge accomplishment and something you should be very proud of. Now it’s time to really buckle down, if you’re just starting college or if you’re about to grab one of the many jobs available to you.

Now to the part where we can educate you a little bit. There’s nothing too crazy when it comes to auto shipping if you find the right company. On the other hand, it can be very crazy if you don’t. Many of the companies that pay to be in your face(Google/Facebook ads etc) won’t help you the way they’ll tell/sell you. They leave you wondering what’s happening and when will I hear about your car schedule, when will the driver call, etc.

What happens is they typically will quote you something that doesn’t work for the driver who’s actually doing the work. Usually, it’s around 20-40% less than it needs to be. We never do this and it’s simple if you understand it.

We have drivers all over the country feeding us rates for hundreds of different transport routes nationwide. So we get a slight discount from them to grab our fee but we still give you a direct shipping rate from a driver. So you’ll have many to choose from for most routes in the USA. If it’s a busy route or the route isn’t traveled much you’ll know what to expect as far as timing. You’ll never be in the dark.

Call today to see for yourself firsthand how we’re different and once again congratulations!!!! Thanks from Atlanta Auto Shipping